What to avoid when buying a second-hand furniture

Buying a used furniture can always be a risky move. First of all, you don’t know who has used it before you, even if it’s polished, you don’t know its real condition, and sometimes you can overpay for something that is useless. On the other hand, this kind of shopping can be beneficial to your home; a vintage piece can give drama and style to your place. But, before you decide to purchase used furniture, it’s important to inspect it carefully. And of course, there is time when you just need to walk away, to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Don’t buy mattresses

In this case, used furniture can be dangerous for your health. After long working hours, you need a mattress which will provide you a good night rest, which is not the case with the used one. If a mattress is in good shape, then why they are selling it? They can be lumpy, smelly or stained and you definitely don’t want that in your bed, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is. If you are having a baby, in any case, avoid buying a mattress for a crib at a garage sale.

Missing parts

Used furniture often has structural problems and before you make a final step, make sure to look at every piece and determine if it has any faults or defects. For example, if a chair has wobbly legs, check if it can be fixed before you buy it. On the other hand, cracked legs are a bad sign, they are usually hard to maintain, and soon they will fall apart. It is important to inspect whether the furniture has any water damage or insect infestation problems. In the future, this can represent a serious issue for you, and you are practically wasting your money.

Smelly furniture

It can be very challenging to get rid of the smell, once you but the furniture. You might not notice right away, but furniture absorbs odors quickly, for example, it can smell of smoke, urine, cooking, pets, and others. If you are buying furniture at a garage sale, or yard sale, you won’t be able to notice smell immediately, due to the high circulation of air. But, even if you suspect a little that furniture could smell bad, don’t buy it and save yourself some money.

High price

Don’t purchase any used furniture if you think it’s overpriced, or if it costs more than it’s worth. This can be the case when the price doesn’t match the actual condition of the furniture, and you end up spending more money than necessary. When sellers are trying to trick you, they will use the word antique. But, in order for furniture to be antique, it has to be over 100 years old. If you are already looking for a vintage and unique furniture, check the trusted stores, and compare their prices with the ones at a yard sale. Another way to pay more for used furniture is when you have to hire a truck to transport it to your home. It will increase the initial price of the piece.