Top tricks to decorate your living room

The living room is the place where you are will spend the most of your time. It needs to be decorated nicely; it needs to welcoming, peaceful and relaxing. Some people are just born with decorating skills, while other don’t have a clue how decorating works. If you want a beautiful living room, then you need to make sure not to make big mistakes, which will bring chaos in your life. In this article, we have gathered some tips and trick which will help you arrange your living space.

Choose furniture with storage

It is important to have a clutter-free space, and there is no better way to keep your living room clean than buying furniture with hidden storage. Here you can put all kinds of stuff, and they have more than one purpose. Anything that’s overwhelming your closets can be placed in hidden compartments beneath the seats.

Find a perfect coffee table

Many people will neglect the importance of coffee table because of its size. In this case, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a big table of a coffee table, it’s still the center piece of your room, and it needs to match the rest of the furniture. Depending on your sofa, try to match the size of coffee table. Always go for medium size. Otherwise, your coffee table may look out of place.

Put curtains high

If you put curtains high above the windows, they might open up your living room and provide on space. You should always use a basic design, but try to use quality fabrics, which will provide you fullness. Without curtains, your living room will look empty, so you should use some fabric which will look rich.

Use dramatic colors

We are not talking about using one bold color to decorate the entire living room. This might look messy, and instead of bringing you the peace, it will involve chaos in your life. But, also, you shouldn’t use only plain colors because you don’t want your space to look lifeless. Try to combine one bold color with the neutral ones. You will break the monotony, and your living room will look

more alive. For example, use different cushions for the sofa, or small details, like lamps, vases, or even chairs in a different color.

Use small lightning

This will provide you additional space, for example, you can attach the lighting on the walls, or hung it on the ceiling. Go to a specialized shop and see what kind of things they have on their offer. If you remove lamps from your desks, it will leave you additional space for other things or decorations.

Keep the furniture off the walls

If you are dealing with small living room, then the best thing would be a position the sofa, chairs and coffee table at the center of the room, instead of pushing it against the walls. In this way, you will create space behind the furniture, and you will add volume to your living room.