Top color trends for 2018

We officially have started the last quarter of 2017 and 2018 is just around the corner. Among all designing trends, color takes an important place in our list. After all, if we are redecorating our home, we need to know what colors to use and how to combine them. Let’s see if 2018 can bring is something new and refreshing. We are going to present you the combination of colors which will be a huge hit in the following years.


If you thought that black color is outdated, then you are deadly mistakes. 2018 will be totally on board with black, and if you are thinking of painting the entire room with this color, then you are a real trendsetter. According to interior designers, black will be a new white. If you choose this color, your house will have an elegant and sexy design. Whether you select dark floors or black chandelier, it’s a perfect way to add some drama to your space.

Great pastels

Soft and washed out pastels will give a modern design to your place, and it will be a huge trend in the next year. The best combination of colors will make soft pink and washed out green, and they will work together in harmony.

Pink as unisex color

It has become official, pink is losing its gendered connotation, and it evokes many feeling that everyone can connect to. Now, not only women are choosing the pink color, but also the men. It can represent different feelings such as lust, joy, great mood and many others. 2018 predicts that pink will become the color of many millennials and that it will express more power than ever. If you plan to use this color, make sure to mix the appropriate shade, to get the right effect.

Calm blue

You must be wondering; what kind of color is the calm blue and why should you choose it. The soothing blue is so pastel and washed out, that you would barely see the resemblance with original blue color. It has a gray undertone, but it is very shooting and peaceful, and it will be a great addition to rooms where you intend to spend a lot of time. This color will even affect your mood, making you immediately peaceful. If it’s paired well with other colors, it can create a perfect harmony.

Vivid yellow and green

Even though this combination might be strange for you, but it will be trendy in 2018, according to interior design experts. This is an unusual combination that will make you smile all the time and bring joy in your home. You just need to know how to blend these colors, in this case, it might be wise to contact some expert.

Travel inspired colors

You don’t have to use only your environment as an inspiration. If you are a regular jet – setter, choose some place you have visited so far, to find inspiration for your home.