Six ways to improve lighting in your house

Insufficient amount of light can make your home or an apartment look depressive. An excellent lighting fixture will give you bigger space and create a happy atmosphere inside of your house. It’s not an easy task to set up everything and improve lighting, and many people make mistakes. If you have a good intention to brighten your home, but you don’t know how to do it, then we have some useful recommendations for you, that will make your house shine again.

Consider the size

Nowadays, you can find almost anything in shops that sell lamp and lighting fixtures. Table lamps are great, but they are always organized in the same way, and their use had become predictable. So, instead of using a table lamp, you can but an oversized lantern, pendant or even a floor lamp. This will give a dimension to your room, and it can bring the focal point that room needs. In this case, you can buy some unusual shapes and colors which will make your room or home beautiful.

Install a dimmer

While a dimmer is not a necessity, it’s an excellent addition to your lighting system. You can quickly change the intensity of the light, depending on what atmosphere you are trying to achieve. A dimmer is a great choice for young couples who like to enjoy romantic nights. But, if you are one of those people who aren’t fond of bright light, then dimmer is the right option for you, it will help you control the brightness, depending on the time of the day.

Always have three sources of lights

You should include at least three sources of lights in every room. For example, the central one, overhead or pendant, specific, table lamp and ambient such as candles. In this way, you can control which lighting you want to use, and you won’t be condemned to use only one.

Choose the appropriate shades

The shades entirely depend on your preferences, for example, if you want the white light, it will provide you brightness, but it gives you a colder tone. On the other hand, if you choose colored shades, the room will be warmer and creamier. It is all up to you what you prefer the most. In our opinion, you should divide the shades, for example, living room and office should have white shades because it will help you focus, while bedrooms should have warmer tones. It will help you relax and sleep better.

Dark cornerLight the dark corners of the house

For instance, people tend to neglect darker corners of the house, such as closets, kitchen counters, cupboards, and shelves. But, when you add them some light, they become more functional.

Use candles

Nothing will help you get back in the right mood as a candle and a glass of wine. Candles give a unique feature to your home, making it more welcoming and beautiful. You can always use scented candles to improve the atmosphere in your living space.