Some simple and great interior design tricks

We all want good looking rooms with interesting things that will amaze our guests. The original design is always bare, and it doesn’t have a lot of eye-catching details. That is why you add new things to the room, to make it better. Here we have some interesting interior design tricks that will add something new to your rather mundane looking room.

bars-for-living-roomWe all need a bar in the living room. Now there are two great ideas we would like to suggest, a hidden and an open bar. If you want to surprise your guests, then you should install a hidden bar. It should pop out behind something mundane. This will positively surprise everyone. The open bar is something entirely else. It should be in a clearly visible location. The bar should have an assortment of bottles (everything other people will find good). This will subtly suggest that you know how to deal appropriately with the desires of your guests. More variety in the bar will have a better effect.

511The more is more mindset is a bit too aggressive when it comes to living room decorations. If you have small from the chamber, then this mindset will turn it into a place that looks bad. Big front rooms need a lot of things, and this mindset works well in them. Think about color sets as well. Having a lot of furniture with same color pattern doesn’t work. Try to mix similar colors and create a room that has every color available. Don’t go with sharp colors and try to create a sort of symphony of colors where one color works well with colors near it and so on.

20153_cosk07a_01_PH124156Regular kitchens are dull. Generic tiles accompany with generic appliances make the kitchen mundane. You can change this with some new and interesting tiles on the walls as well as some flashy devices. Don’t be afraid to show the array of spices you use. Same goes with different tools as well. Place all of that at visible locations and it will turn your once mundane kitchen is something everyone would want in their home.
living-room-mirrors-1A well-placed mirror can change the room. When you go to choose the mirror for your big room, go for large mirrors with intricate edges. Be sure to check what they reflect. If you have a beautiful chandelier, or a bar the mirror should reflect that. A mirror enlarges the room, making it seem grander.

pillows-headerBuy pillows, lots of different pillows. Whenever you buy a sofa, it comes with one or two pillows that have the same design as the sofa above. Those pillows may be comfortable, but as a concept piece, they don’t work. Buy at least four pillows with different design and place them on the sofa. They will increase the level of comfort as well as the overall beauty of the couch.

There are many more interesting interior design ideas that you can utilize. Go on the internet and search for ideas that will work for you and your home.