Rugs and How They Can Be Used to Change the Character of Any Living Space

One of the easiest and most practical ways to dramatically finish off the look and feel of a room is by adding a rug. Yet, it is an element that requires some thought. Flooring is usually an afterthought, and, it’s often done poorly. When using rugs, it’s imperative to consider the principles of proportion. As well as texture, color and style.

Rugs give you the ability to decorate an area in a very personal way. In a home, many rooms often lack character; until the owner adds a personal touch. Rugs are accessories in a room, without which, each room often remains four walls with some pieces of furniture. Adding a few rugs that indicate your personal style enables you to form a distinct space for you to relish.

Rugs offer effective ways to soften wood or stone floor. However, keep in mind that whatever material your rug is made of will determine where it’s best used. Here are some tips for using rugs effectively in your home:


Versatility is one of the chief advantages of using rugs in your home. They have the power to totally match your persona and flair to and make your living space really feel like home. You can easily change and modify them to grow with you over the years. It is said that life is a journey, and part of that voyage is shown in how you use rugs in your home. When you are in your mid-life, you will decorate differently than when you are single and unmarried. For the pet-lovers, it will surely reflect in the colors and designs that you choose.


Rugs vary in price, with the cheapest being a few dollars and the most expensive going for thousands of dollars. When selecting a rug for your home, consider how long you will want to keep the style. It is a worthy investment to buy a few expensive pieces if you will keep the same room design for years to come. However, rugs that are placed in the children’s room need to be in the affordable category as children outgrow designs very fast. This way, you end up creating a new look in a room without spending a fortune. If you want to add more color to a room, you can easily accomplish it by pulling a distinct theme together with a few strategically placed rugs.


Rugs offer flexibility of changing the feel and texture of a room by simply replacing an existing rug with a different design, color and material. When you purchase furniture, you don’t plan on replacing it soon, as it is meant to last. This creates the skeleton of your living space. Most people maintain the same furniture for years and yet totally change the feel and look of a room by changing out the accessories such as rugs. A room can be transformed to a more casual or formal space depending on the type of rugs you choose to adorn your space. Color schemes can also create a dramatic effect on a space with a few carefully selected area rugs.

Completes the Room

A room with smartly placed rugs creates a style that gives the room personality. From a homey, formal or whatever it is that you desire, all can be achieved with a few rugs. The pieces you pick to embellish the room with; will definitely bring the space together and give it a fine finished look.

Tell a Story

Apart from defining your personality, you can also use rugs to tell a unique story about your home or your family. These types of rugs are most effective if placed in foyers and entry ways. However, they can be used in any room. For instance, if you live in Adirondack home, set the tone with a rustic area rug and for a beach house, you could get a nautical design. And you can always capture your essence with an oriental rug that appeals to you.

Where and how should you place your area rugs?

While it is easy to say that area rugs can be used virtually anywhere, where and how are the finest spots to use these versatile home decorations?

Rugs come in every shape and size, including square, round and oval among others, with the most common shape of an area rug being the rectangle. Given that majority of rooms are square or rectangular, rectangular area rugs fits in most places effectively. Choosing the precise shape will be determined by where you want to place your rug, the shape and size of the actual room not to mention the furniture.

For odd shaped rooms, soften up the place with oval and shaped rugs. Rugs shaped as animal hides are often placed at the foot of a bed while the pricey formal rugs are sometimes used as wall hangings.

Rectangular rugs are the most common and can be found in almost every room. The long rectangular area rugs are best placed at hallways or other high traffic areas.

Round area rugs are a perfect choice for smaller spaces. They are great for accenting smaller spaces such home offices, kitchens or bathrooms. These smaller area rugs are perfect as they don’t overwhelm the space or bring to much color into the room.


Your area rug designs your room. Wherever it’s placed, it shows off your personal interests and styles. There is such a large assortment of designs and materials that meet every taste and budget; making this a must-have home accessory that can be used regularly. As years go by and your tastes change, your choice of area rugs can be modified as desired.