Five décor trends that are coming back in 2018

Decorating your home to match the latest trends can be a difficult task because it demands a lot of money and dedication. But, don’t neglect the important side, you home should feel home, a place where you retreat after a hard-working day. The home is your sanctuary; here you will spend time with your family and charge batteries for the upcoming challenges. If you are a person who follows trends, then we have five for you, find a balance and make your house a home.

Brass is coming

The brass appeared in 2016, and this trend will continue to go through 2018 as well. Many people may connect the brass to something old and outdated, but it will bring shine to your home with its lovely yellow color. If you still don’t have this piece in your house, then it’s time to get it, make your home elegant and more sophisticated, bring the touch of Victorian style into your house.

Dark green and harvest goldDark green and harvest gold

When you match avocado green with this shade of gold, you will get an unusual design. In addition to this, your place will look more calm and welcoming. This trend was popular during the 70s, but now it seems it’s knocking at our doors once again. If you are one of those people who hasn’t remodeled your house since the 70s, then this is great news for you. In this case, you don’t need upgrading because this trend is back.

Black and white combo

Black and white combination is one of those trends which will never go out of style, and we have seen it for a long time. Many houses are decorated in this manner. In some cases, it may look vintage, but in fact, it’s reflecting elegance and sophistication. The bottom line, if you get frustrated by choosing the colors, you can only select these two. Just make sure to find the perfect balance when black and white are in order. Otherwise, you home might look depressing, or too sterile.

Big furniture

In the previous years, we got accustomed to minimalism, where everything was the smaller, the better. In the past, the homeowners had a lot of space, which became a significant trend. On the other hand, if you have oversized furniture, that’s not something you should get rid of anytime soon. They will create an elegant and antique atmosphere in your home, and it is perfect for people who love more traditional theme.

Pictures on the walls

Having a lot of pictures on your wall is considered to be outdated and something in the past, but we firmly believe it’s a thing that would never go out of trend. Whether you have photos of your family or original art work, it will give your house a boost up and improve its design. You can also use some interesting frames and pair them up with the pictures to get an eclectic look.