Six accessories that can make your house warmer

Even though we are under the minimalist trend, minimalism sometimes can erase the personal touch from our living space. You don’t want to live in a house that doesn’t have a soul because soon you will start feeling depressed and in a bad mood. Home décor can emphasize many areas of your home and depend on what you are trying to achieve; accessories can help you in this plan. So, here are the things we think are absolutely necessary to make your house a home.


If you already have them in your living space, then you are in a good company. Of all of the accessories used in homes, vases have the longest history. We don’t know a way, but flowers have a tendency to make every space more beautiful. Nowadays, you can find different shapes, materials, and colors, it all depends on your taste, but each room in your house should have at least one vase of flowers. It will brighten the space and keep you in a good mood. Vases have existed from the beginning of the time, so why should you avoid them.

Designer storage

Everyone is struggling with the storage space in their homes. As people gather more and more things, they are always looking for the new ways to store them. The need for additional space has developed a new trend, storage as a design element, where we not only will keep our things organized, but it will give a special touch to our home and provide functionality. Closet organizers are some of the most widely used systems, with numerous set ups and additions. You can add more shelves, drawers, and units and basically store everything here. These organizers aren’t only used for houses, but also for basements and garages.

Painting and photos

Decorate your walls with photos of your family. There is no better way to make the room cozy and welcoming than to display the photos of your kids, grandkids, and spouses. On the other hand, you can also use some artistic painting and hang them on the walls. If you are using replicas, make sure they are not cheap and tasteless. There are so many street artists nowadays who create wonders with different techniques and colors. You can show the support by buying some of the paintings that will decorate your living space in a stunning way.


Nothing feels right like a soft and thick rug beneath your feet. They will provide the warmth and much-needed comfort. You can buy them in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors and they have been used as a home accessory for thousands of years. In the recent years, small oval or square rugs have been in trend. But, depending on your style and the size of the room you plan to decorate, you choose the dimensions. Keep in mind, that room without a rug looks cold and lifeless, while rug provides additional warmth and luxury.